Gary Daly – Don’t Give Up Dummkopf

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There were to be no more CHINA CRISIS instrumentals after 1987, but some fans missed them and wondered what an instrumental CHINA CRISIS album might have sounded like. Fast forward to today and ‘Luna Landings’ is the next best thing. It comprises of various instrumentals, demos and sketches that Gary Daly recorded on his TEAC and Tascam Portastudios between 1981 to 1987. ‘Luna Landings’ features iconic equipment such as the Roland Jupiter 8, Korg Poly6, Yamaha CS10, Roland SH9, Roland TR808 and Boss Doctor Rhythm DR55. Daly said it was “a little nod there to Brian Eno’s ‘Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks’”, adding “it’s soooo lovely, all my little recordings from the 80s. I love it sooo much and can’t wait for people to hear it .” Sweetened by effects such as a WEM Copicat and a Yamaha SPX 90 digital processor.

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