Elvis Costello – Newspaper Pane

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Today sees the debut of “Newspaper Pane”, the fifth release from Elvis Costello’s forthcoming album, ‘Hey Clockface’. While the previous bulletins from ‘Hey Clockface’ were recorded in Helsinki and Paris – prior to the current emergency – the music for “Newspaper Pane” was written and produced in New York by composer/arranger, Michael Leonhart in collaboration with guitarist Bill Frisell and completed by lyrical verses Costello added from his westward hideout via the miracle of telecommunications. Trumpet player, Michael Leonhart then punctuated Costello’s vocal with a wonderful horn arrangement, interweaving with Frisell’s guitar and the playing of a New York rhythm section. Costello’s text for “Newspaper Pane” opens with a description of a woman staring at promises of an unattainable life, printed on a sheet of newspaper that she has taped to a broken window pane against the elements.

The lyric moves back and forth through time and location to consider a series of fractured pledges, culminating in the declaration: “When you get where I am now, you may feel differently The cliff drops away sharply, falls into the sea”

Musicians / Instruments:

Voice: Elvis Costello Drums, Danelectro baritone guitar, Fender Stratocaster, Univox Minikorg 700 synth, Univox bass, Farfisa Combo organ, Vox Continental Combo organ, trumpet, bass trumpet, trombone & upright piano: Michael Leonhart J.W. Black guitar & loops: Bill Frisell Horns arranged by Michael Leonhart. Video by Eamon Singer and Arlo O’Furlow.

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