Beacon – Wave of Mutilation

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 “It’s tough to take on a classic, especially by a band as prolific as the The Pixies. It’s even harder to change up the sound. When done right, the result can be genius. That’s exactly what @beaconband has managed to do with the classic Pixies tune “Wave of Mutilation.” The song was always a quick one, but the Brooklyn duo delivers a cover that wallows in all the feelings and lyrics.Where the original stands out for its alternative indie grit and raw edge, Beacon is able to deliver a cover that flows true to the original but also the duo’s haunting, stripped down tendencies. It brings the emotion and heartache of the song straight to the forefront with more of a piano ballad. Instead of a @4ad alternative rock “Wave of Mutilation,” we get a tender, more organic wave of sound. Beacon’s cover is out now via @Ghostly International.” – Earmilk blog. Please visit them here: @earmilk. Listen to the song on @newmusicunited. Link in the bio. ☁️ Tag cloud:


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