Sete Star Sept – Messenger From The Darkness (2014)

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Grindcore, a genre that Japan has made notable contributions to — some bands of which will be on display at this weekend’s Grind Fest in Tokyo’s Trinity Skate Park. Grindcore is what happens when you take more abrasive musical genres — black metal, hardcore punk, noise (of which Osaka in particular hosts a fantastic heritage) and industrial — and then play the resulting mixture as loud and fast as humanly possible. If it gets even more chaotic, discordant and raw, you’ll have noisegrind. To call it “abrasive” is as much an understatement as calling a belt sander on your lap “uncomfortable,” but that’s exactly the appeal for fans and performers. Ryosuke Kiyasu of Tokyo band Sete Star Sept describes his band’s style of noisegrind as “the bands that play the fastest and loudest of any music genre.” He also calls it “musical destruction” and “f-ck-off music,” which I find both poetic and inescapably true. [Source]


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