Hamilton Leithauser – 5AM (2014)

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Hamilton-Leithauser (1)

Surprisingly Leithauser found himself turning not to the rock n’ roll of his elders or peers, but to Frank Sinatra’s The September of My Years on repeat. “It’s his slower stuff that I like the most–the self pity and the drama; poor pitiful me–that’s the most fun.” And in the darkest part of February 2013, Leithauser took a warbly, meandering piano recording fellow-Walkmen member Paul Maroon had sent from New Orleans, and began composing the song that would become Black Hours’ opener, “5 AM”. “I wanted to write something that never repeats, that keeps changing,” he says. “The strings, the lyrics, and the melody all came at the exact same time, line-by-line. Each one drove the other forward, and I had no idea where it was going. I didn’t know if it was rock n roll or what…I only knew that it definitely wasn’t rock n roll as I’d come to play it.” [Source]

[Dedicated to Jens Unmack]


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