Thomas Leer – Lust For Loneliness (1985)

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Inasmuch as anyone remembers him at all outside of post-punk enthusiasts, Scotsman Thomas Leer is known for a particularly egalitarian strain of the DIY aesthetic. His debut single, “Private Plane” from 1979, was a shimmering, lo-fi masterwork recorded on borrowed equipment in his bedroom and released on his own Oblique label. Influencing the likes of The Human League and The The, the single begat a mercurial career littered with choice collaborations, sporadic releases, and several surprisingly catchy pop tunes. Whether it was his moody early solo singles, his massive, lush 80’s electro-soul opus The Scale Of Ten (assembled entirely by himself on the Fairlight sampling synthesizer) or his brief tenure as half of “electro-cabaret” duo Act on Trevor Horn’s pop futurist ZTT imprint, the common thread throughout Leer’s work has always been a steadfast belief in technology’s capacity to empower even the least among us—a world in which ideas were elevated into the mainstream not on the basis of status, economic or otherwise, but virtue. [Source]

Thomas Leer - The Scale Of Ten

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