Spiritualized – So Long You Pretty Thing (2012)

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So it makes strange sense that this exhilarating album about death and destruction should end with “So Long You Pretty Thing”. The title references Bowie’s glam-generation anthem “Oh! You Pretty Things”, but this is no simple tribute. It’s a eulogy to those classic rock’n’roll dreams, as Jason Pierce sings over and over: “So long you pretty thing, God save your little soul/ The music that you played so hard ain’t on your radio/ And all your dreams of diamond rings, and all that rock’n’roll can bring you/ Sail on, so long.” Which, coming from this 46-year-old who’s never exactly set the charts ablaze, sounds like a terrible finale. And yet, backed by that choir and those horns, this is the finest, most enduring refrain Pierce has ever written– a goodbye you never want to end. [Source]


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