New Music United Top 20 Chart (March 2, 2012)

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Here are the 20 most popular blog singles on New Music United this week with notes by the editor:

  • Only on New Music United will David Sylvian beat Madonna for the top spot on the chart
  • The new exclusive blog single from Death is the scoop of the week on New Music United
  • Danish artists with strong representation from Giana Factory, Choir Of Young Believers, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour and the king of New Music United: Mikael Simpson (as a remixer)
  • Mashrou’ Leila is the first Lebanese artist on the chart (picked by a Jordanese fan living in Dubai)
  • Detroit Starrzz and Chromatics are handpicked NMU Darlings for you to discover here

Please share the blog links. Please leave comments. Please support the artists by buying records, subscribing to streaming services and purchasing concert tickets.

David Sylvian – Where’s Your Gravity? (2012) More stats 1
Madonna – Girl Gone Wild (2012) More stats 2
Roxy Music – If There Is Something (1972) More stats 3
Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks (2011) More stats 4
Death – Relief (2012) More stats 5
M83 – We Own The Sky (2009) More stats 6
Giana Factory – Rainbow Girl (2012) More stats 7
Choir Of Young Believers – Rhine Gold (2012) More stats 8
Detroit Starrzz – Loving The Alien (David Bowie Cover Version) (2012) More stats 9
Abba – Dancing Queen (1976) More stats 10
Death – Politicians In My Eyes (1976) More stats 11
Chromatics – Into The Black (2012) More stats 12
Mashrou’ Leila – Fasateen (2010) More stats 13
Norah Jones – Happy Pills (2012) More stats 14
Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine? (2012) More stats 15
David Bowie – Some Are (1976) More stats 16
Mark Ronson feat. Katy B – Anywhere In The World (2012) More stats 17
Choir Of Young Believers – Sedated (Mikael Simpson Remix) (2012) More stats 18
Rocket Juice And The Moon – Hey Shooter (2012) More stats 19
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Heart Attack (2012) More stats 20

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