Louis (Blues Boy) Jones – I’ll Be Your Fool (1962)

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There is no biographical information on Louis Jones. He was more than likely one of the many blues singers on the Houston, TX. front in the 1950’s and 60’s. He made his debut recordings for Peacock in 1956 backed by Connie McBooker and his band. In 1959 he made a two-sided disc in Houston that saw issue on Bobby Robinson’s Fire label. In 1960 he recorded for Decca backed by Bobby Scott’s Orchestra. His final recordings were made for the Sabra label where he once again teamed up with Scott. A couple of these were reissued on OKeh but not this one. Sadly enough, Jones fell through the cracks like many of his peers when African-American musical interests shifted from blues to soul. He was never heard from again.

[Inspired by Kent Munch]

3 Replies to “Louis (Blues Boy) Jones – I’ll Be Your Fool (1962)”

  1. Saturday, April 28 will mark the 81st birthday of the late Louis “Blues Boy” Jones, Happy Birthday Dad! We love and miss you dearly, gone but never forgotten. I’m LaVern Jones-Lemons the oldest daughter of Louis Jones, I have two older brothers and a younger sister. We’re truly grateful to all of the dedicated followers around the world who still enjoy the music of a man who loved singing about the blues. I thank each and everyone. Also, we’re working on getting more info on Louis Jones and the Bobby Scott Orchestra released to the public soon.

  2. This Sunday, April 28 will mark the 82nd Birthday of the late Louis “Blues Boy” Jones. Again, I thank all of his followers, friends and family members worldwide. Since 2011 Jones’ music has been viewed over 36,600 times and that’s compared to about 2,000 views earlier in the same year. How amaZing! I’m still working on getting a book published on my father’s life. I’m so excited and I appreciate everybody that enjoys listening to his music that has been around over 57 years. Love and peace to all. Lavern, his oldest daughter.

  3. Reaching out to music lovers across the universe! Updated information on Louis (Blues Boy) Jones’ music. Sadly, it soon will be 30 years since my father left us. But, finding out that his music has been with us over 58 years soothes the soul, just a little. Truly, I miss my Dad but, when I listen to his soulful, raspy, distinguished voice, my heart leaps with unstoppable joy! Jones and His Band, Jones & The Bobby Scott Orchestra Band, these men left their mark with us for a lifetime, they made some of the best music. I am so proud of my father’s works. He now has over 59,600 views/hits on YouTube and other websites global! I humbly thank each person for supporting Jones’ legacy. I plan to have a book available by fall 2014, on Jones’ amazing life, excited! Love & peace to All…

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