Louis (Blues Boy) Jones with Bobby Scott Orchestra – Come On Home (1962)

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Don’t know when this frantic r’n’b gem was released, but most likely in 1962 or 1963, it’s on the Sabra label. Audio transferred from original vinyl 45. Listen to another rare track, I’ll Be Your Fool, here.

[via Kent Munch]

52 Replies to “Louis (Blues Boy) Jones with Bobby Scott Orchestra – Come On Home (1962)”

    1. hi tanesha i;m form galveston tx. ,my parents use to own a juke joint on ball st,i was a teenager then, when louis us to come in a drink a couple of beers, he use to always stand at the end of the bar,and talk to me a lot I don;thave any pictures but i;am looking Ialways think of him as he was always a very nice person,,but you knew he was talented. It would always be late night when he came in . a lot of musiicians would come in after hours an chill out , if this helps you have a lot to be proud of. norman


  2. hi tenesha there are a lot of galveston people who knew louis , but they are fast leaving ,the ones that had info on louis has since passed , ther is one or two persons left that might have info on louis that is a man named junior that use to manage selenas blue room o 33rd and ball , i will try to pin him down an get some info. please pass this info along to the guy from england . selens was world reknowned in the blues industry ,norman


    1. Hi, my name is Carolyn Williams. My husband, Pat Williams played in the Bobby Scott Band. He is the trumpet player in the music you are listening to.

  4. Hi-my name is Paul Brown and im from galveston tex—i use sing with louis jones when he was with The Bobby Scott band back in the 50’s and 60’s. we use to sing together also @ the “blue monday’s @ albert feast on 29th street beach and @Lola’s place on 39th H all these places was in galveston-we both kind of hung around the same places-I use to sing with Bobby Scott myself so i saw quite a bit of him-he also lives in the parkland apts on 39th and winnie-I don’t know just who i can refer you too but if theres anything else I can do for you please feel free to call on me–Im on Facebook and plus my email address— papabrown67@yahoo.com-you can keep in touch if you like.Hope to hear from you soon.

    1. To Mr. Paul Brown, what kind words. May God bless you and your family. I have such a wonderful story to share about my father’s life, the late Louis Jones. I still recall the times my two brothers and I would love spending the summer in Galveston Tx there with our late grandparents but, what joy and excitement it would be when our dad would came by to see us. Such fond memories. But, having his music to listen to and share with so many people around the globe is phenomenon!

  5. Saturday, April 28 will mark a very special day in our lives for the late Louis”Blues Boy”Jones. Happy 81st Birthday Dad! We love and miss you dearly, gone but never forgotten. I’m LaVern Jones Lemons the oldest daughter of Louis Jones, I have two older brothers and a younger sister. I’d like to thank each and everyone for all of the support throughout the years of you listening to the songs that my father recorded back in the 50’s and 60’s. It’s truly amazing that Louis Jones and the Bobby Scott Orchestra’s music is being played around the world and we’re so grateful that so many still enoy listening to their music. Also, we’re working on getting more info released to the public on my father’s life.

    The Jones Family

    1. You are truly welcome-if anything else I can do for you–please feel free to call on me at anytime–‘May God continue to bless you and keep you is our prayer.

  6. This Sunday, April 28 will mark the 82nd birthday of the late Louis “Blues Boy” Jones. Thanks to all of his followers, friends and family members that enjoy listening to Jones’ music that has been around over 57 years. His music is being uploaded and viewed worldwide. Since the year 2011, Jones has over 36,600 views and that’s compared to 2,000 views earlier in the same year. Awesome! Again, we appreciate everybody. Love and peace to all. LaVern, his oldest daughter.

  7. Today I am beyond the clouds, this is another great moment in time for me and no doubt history in the making for my father Louis ‘Blues Boy’ Jones. Ronnie, I thank you for your dear and heartfelt comment. I have a big smile on my face. I just appreciate all of Blues Boy Jones’ supporters worlwide. I’m sending love, peace and a big warm hug to each and everyone!

  8. Today, history is made again for Louis “Blues Boy” Jones’ music, back in 2011 Jones had about 2,000 views/hits on YouTube/Google. He has 40,005 views and climbing! Excited here in Texas! I thank you all for the love and we could not have come this far without his supporters/fans/followers of his music worldwide. Jones’ music is enjoyed in places such as: The United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Japan, Aruba, Spain, Trinidad & Tabago, USA, and many other locations global. Blues Boy still ROCKiN’ the BLUES! His oldest daughter LaVern with love, peace & blessings to ALL!

  9. Louis Blues boy Jones’ music has been around 57 years. However, lately Jones’ music is sought worldwide. Today Jones’ nephew Phil (Mookie) O’Neal, a singer/musician/entertainer himself, uploaded a song by Jones titled “I Cried” along with a photo of Jones on YouTube. Check this smooth and mellow song out. It’s definitely a song for all people that still believe in love and “I Cried” will blow you away!

  10. Another milestone set today for Louis ‘Blues Boy’ Jones. Since 2011, I had been tracking his views for as people listening to his songs worldwide over the Internet. Back in 2011, Jones had under 2,000 views and his music had been on the Internet about six years, now he has 49,992 views! All I can say is Jones still Rockin the Blues! Thanks to every supporter of his music. What an honor to his legacy. Again, thanks for caring and thanks for listening to Jones and his band’s timeless music, what an unforgettable moment!

    1. Mr. Ronnie Rocket, I cry tears of joy. My father did so many amazing things in life. As a young child spending the summer in Galveston, Texas, I would be so excited when my father came to visit us. I would look at him and wonder what is it about him, I felt that there was something so special about my Dad, like something hidden, Now I know, he was an extraordinary talented musician, a hidden jewel. I can’t wait to finish my book to share with his supporters worldwide. Hoping Hollywood will someday do a story of Blues Boy Jones’ life or make a movie, dreaming big! Thank you Ronnie for helping us keep his legacy alive. 50,204 views and counting, thanks to everyone!

    1. Greetings Bo from my side of the world to yours. I am delighted that you enjoy my father’s music. I kindly thank you for your support.

  11. Hello to Louis (Blues Boy) Jones’ supporters worldwide! Today another milestone for Jones’ legacy. David Torkelson. owner of The Galveston Wizard newspaper in Galveston, Texas, which is Jones’ hometown featured an article on Blues Boy Jones. David did an awesome job. PLEASE log on and comment. I greatly appreciate each of you. Again, I thank everybody for listening to Jones’ music and for helping us keep his legacy alive! Love-Peace-Blessings HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

    1. Hello Ronnie, David told that the article is available on his website. Also, David plans to feature other articles that I have written about my father. Really excited about all of this, it took me over a year to get some of my articles featured in certain newspapers but, I never gave up! This was my fifth article featured in five different newspapers. Blues Boy Jones have almost 56,500 views and climbing! Never in my wildest dreams that anyone could have told me that I would be seeing articles about my Dad and his music being respected worldwide on such a large scale as this. What an honor for Louis (Blues Boy) Jones’ legacy! Ronnie I could never thank you nor all of his followers enough. I am truly grateful. Again, I thank everybody for their support. Love-Peace-Blessings to ALL!

  12. Hello Ronnie, hope life is beautiful. Blues Boy Jones is under 200 views short of 60,000 hits! What an amazing journey for his music. His loyal fans and family members universal made this all possible. What an act of love and respect for Jones legacy. i am thrilled about my 3 youngest grandchildren. They love to sing their grandfather’s songs, especially Rock n Roll bells and Someway, Somewhere, They put on a spectacular show and I love it! Again, I thank each participant. Love & peace to ALL!

  13. It’s me again. Meant to say I am thrilled to hear Blues Boy Jones’ great grandchildren sing his songs, joyful!

  14. Hello Ronnie, sure hope you are doing fantastic! I wanted you to check out my father’s song “All Over Goodbye” Louis Jones and His Band the year 1957. Please enjoy and share with friends all across the globe. You are greatly appreciated. I thank all of Jones’ followers. Today is his 83rd Birthday!

  15. Oops. Correction on the year. In 1956 Louis Jones and His Band recorded All Over Goodbye” and “Rock n Roll Bells”.

  16. Hoping all of my Facebook family and friends are having a joyous time celebrating this Memorial Day Weekend! Be safe…Next month will mark 30 years since my father left us. Legendary Louis (Blues Boy) Jones. Time sure flies. He will forever be on my mind and in my heart. Truly he is loved and missed. Many people were inquiring about his life worldwide. I am so excited about my book soon to be published. It will be my pleasure to let everyone know about my father’s amazing life as I knew him. Also I thank my family, his friends and followers of his music for their love and support throughout the years. Here is a list of Jones’ songs: “All over Goodbye/Rock n Roll Bells”, “Come on Home/I Cried”, Someway Somewhere/I’ll Be Your Fool”, “I Believe to my Soul/Hurry Baby”, “The Birds is Coming/That’s Cuz I Love You”. Log on to YouTube and please share this good news with family/friends about a blues legend from Galveston Texas who is still making history! Love, Peace and MUSIC!
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  17. Hello Ronnie Rocket and all of Louis Blues Boy Jones’ followers around the globe. HUGE UPDATE!!! In October 2014 I advocated for the City of Galveston to name a street after my father to honor his contributions to the music industry. Galveston Texas is Jones’ hometown. The signs are UP! When traveling to beautiful Galveston Island drop by and view 909 37th Broadway St and 909 37th Sealy St. I humbly thank everyone with much appreciation for following and supporting my father’s music throughout the years. Again, I thank each of you for being a part of these unforgettable and amazing pieces of history. LOVE! PEACE! & MUSIC!

  18. To all of LOUIS BLUES BOY JONES’ followers across the globe! After over seven years in progress. Soon my book titled: “The Re-Introduction of a Blues Legend”, sub-title: “A Daughter’s Amazing Discovery 23 Years Later” The book will be available on-line through Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Xlibris Publishing Company. I thank each of you for pouring out so much love and respect for my father’s music. I greatly appreciate each of you for helping us keep his legacy going. I hope you all will enJOY the book. I am humbly grateful and indebted to all of the amazing friends that I met throughout the years. What an awesome journey this has been for all of us. I bid you all LOVE, PEACE. and MUSIC! LaVern Jones Lemons…

  19. Ronnie, also the second sign is up on 909 37th St. I truly hope you travel to Galveston Island one day and view the signs. This has been a time in my life that words isn’t enough to explain all these wonderful and beautiful things that have happened to preserve Louis Blues Boy Jones’ legacy. I thank each person for everything they did or said to help us keep his music and legacy going…

  20. The wait is over! The story of Louis Blues Boy Jones is available on-line. I thank each person for their support. I hope everyone enjoys the book and I thank you all in advance!
    Hello my dear friend! Thanks again for your support. In the future The Re-Introduction of a Blues Legend will be available on Barnes and Noble.com also Amazon.com. I am crazy excited. Mostly for my Dad and his legacy. I am blessed to have met so many amazing people along this journey. Love, Peace & Music!

  21. The wait is over! The story of Louis Blues Boy Jones is available on-line. I thank each person for their support. I hope everyone enjoys the book and I thank you all in advance! Hello my dear friend! Thanks again for your support. In the future The Re-Introduction of a Blues Legend will be available on Barnes and Noble.com also Amazon.com. I am crazy excited. Mostly for my Dad and his legacy. I am blessed to have met so many amazing people along this journey. Love, Peace & Music!

  22. http://bookstore.xlibris.com/Products/SKU-000921644/The-Re-Introduction-of-a-Blues-Legend.aspx The Re-Introduction of a Blues Legend. A Daughter’s Amazing Discovery 23 Years Later. The story of Louis Blues Boy Jones. Jones’ music has been around 59 years! Lately, he has followers from places all around the globe are viewing his music on YouTube. Purchasing his vinyl records from websites worldwide. in 2014, I was able to help get my father into the Texas History Handbook and Wikipedia. In October 2014, I advocated in Galveston, Texas which is Blues Boy Jones’ hometown. I wanted the Island to honor him by naming a street after him, The signs are up! December 2014, Louis Blues Boy Jones 909 37th Broadway St. & 909 37th Sealy St. Please everyone enJOY my story, make comments and I humbly thank each person for their support. The book is now available online through Xlibris Bookstore, Amazon.com and soon it will be on Barnes and Noble.com Love, Peace, Blessings & MUSIC! LaVern, again thanks for caring…

  23. Ronnie I am sorry. I meant for this to be on WorldPress.com. I sent a message to them.

  24. Missing my Dad. Happy 84th Birthday! Born April 28, 1931. Please log onto YouTube and celebrate the music of blues legend, LOUIS (BLUES BOY) JONES! My first book signing coming soon. The Re-Introduction of a Blues Legend.

  25. Louis Blues Boy Jones Day is official on Galveston Island starting April 28, 2016! Mayor James Yarbrough signed the Proclamation in August 2015! I will be at the Rosenberg Library hosting a book signing on that day from 5pm -9pm. Please come out to support and share our journey. Thanks everyone around the globe for the love and respect for my Dad as a great artist to some, he is not forgotten! Love, peace & MUSIC! LaVern

    1. Hey Big Sister, I don’t no what it is about today because you no I don’t make Comments on these sites but today I feel I must make an exception 😀 I want to let you know I am so PROUD of you & I know Dad is SMILING🌹! I PRAY that the GOOD LORD continue BLESSING YOU🙏🏾 & DIRECTING YOUR PATH….Who would of thought by me contacting you years ago about Dad Music STILL being Sold on the internet & People asking me questions about Dad that I could not answer because I was to young to know anything would have led to this….I’m saying this to say You have ALWAYS had the TOOL(S) KNOWLEDGE/TALENT etc…but GOD ALLOWED You to use it when it was YOUR SEASON🌹🌷🌼🌸💐🌻🌺 😃 You see WE can’t do things on OUR time WE have to do it when GOD LEAD US Cause if you think back when I first brought this information to your attention about our Dad you told me you been wanting to write a book about Dads Life for years but you hadn’t started…. I guess OBSTACLES/ QUESTIONS was HENDERING you from making a move😃 (REMEMBER) Everytime we would talk on the phone I would ask you if you started the Book & You would laugh & say “NOT YET SIS” then I would Laugh & reply “GIRL WHATCHA WAITING ON” Then ONE BLESSET DAY YOU TOOK A LEAP OUT ON FAITH 👼🏽 PRAISE GOD🙏🏾 And ever since that day EVERYTHING JUST BEEN FALLING INTO PLACE & I’M OVERWHELMED WITH JOY BECAUSE OF YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS & SUCCESS….WITH THAT BEING SAID HERE’S A PHONE TOAST FROM ME TO YOU THIS TOAST IS FOR YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS/SUCCESS 🍾🍷 & THIS TOAST IS FOR USING THOSE MANY OBSTACLES AS STEPPING STONES 🍾🍷 I LOVE YOU, From your lil Sister Taneshia 💋

  26. LaVern Jones Lemons Everyone please read this Academy Award winning speech from my baby sister Taneshia. It all begin when she notified me about our Dad, Louis blues Boy Jones’ name mentioned in the Don Robey story over the Internet in October 2007. Teary moment for me. Thanksgiving in my heart with much love for her, the legacy our dad left behind, family, friends and Jones’ amazing followers worldwide. Again, in October 2007 I told Taneshia that I would write a book about our Dad’s life and I hope someone will make a movie one day. The book is out and I believe by faith someone will make a movie. Having high hopes. But, to God we owe it all…Thanks everyone!!!
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    LaRoysha Jackson
    LaRoysha Jackson Simply beautiful Mom.

  27. April 28, 2016 will be Louis Blues Boy Jones Day on Galveston Island! Jones will be turning 85 years old. Gone too soon. I am so proud of my Dad’s accomplishments in the music industry. A Blues Boy Jones Exhibition and book signing will be held in Galveston Texas on that day at the Rosenberg Library. Still believing a movie from my story! I thank all of his wonderful followers worldwide…love, peace and music!

  28. Unknown for Six Decades: The Rediscovery of Louis “Blues Boy” Jones
    On Amazon. Authored by Mrs. LaVern Jones Lemons

    60 years later an 8×10 negative was discovered last year on my father, Louis Blues Boy Jones! This negative was donated to the University of Houston in Houston, Texas. This stirred me to write a second book, Imagine the excitement of this discovery! Thanks everyone. Please, enjoy these stories written from my heart.

  29. EXCITING NEWS for this record. I received a phone call from a friend in the UK. He told me that DJ Skippy White on TOUCH 106.1 FM radio in Boston Massachusetts played this song on Saturday 10/15/2016. I knew I would be calling Skippy to thank him personally for such an honor as this. Skippy told me that my Dad was one of his favorites and he couldn’t believe that he was talking to Louis Jones’ daughter after all these years. FATE! Skippy told me he has been in business for 55 years. Skippy White’s records is located in Boston. His radio show called The Time Tunnel airs each Saturday from 8 am to 12 noon. Humble appreciation from our hearts to Skippy and all parties involved. We thank you all! My Dad has followers around the globe. That’s LOVE!

    1. That’s Cuz I Love You by Louis Jones aired on TOUCH 106.1 FM radio 10/15/16 by DJ Skippy White!

  30. DJ Skippy White played this song on TOUCH 106.1 FM radio The Birds is Coming by Louis Jones on Saturday 11/05/2016 in Boston, Massachusetts. Skippy White has a show called The Time Tunnel each Saturday from 8 am to 12 noon in Boston. He has a record shop in Boston called Skippy White’s records. I had to call Skippy and thank him personally for what he had done for my late father’s legacy and music. He told me that he has been in business for 55 years. Proud moment for us but with gratitude in our hearts! Skippy says he will play more of my father’s music. How blessed we are. Thank you Skippy!

  31. Tomorrow!!! APRIL 28, 2017 HAPPY 86th BIRTHDAY DADDY! Rest on peacefully…Grateful to God your legacy lives…Asking family, friends and followers of his music to order UNKNOWN FOR SIX DECADES on AMAZON.COM. Blues Boy Jones is now listed in the Texas Historical Encyclopedia, noted in Wikipedia, given a Galveston (Texas) City Proclamation and two streets on Galveston Island are renamed after him! Staying hopeful for a movie! Thanks for the love everybody!
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  32. Please email me anyone out there if you have footage of my father Louis Jones aka Louis Blues Boy Jones on stage performing. Trying to get a film started. My email address: lavern.lemons@yahoo.com. Be a part of history! Thank you.

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