Âme & K Á R Y Y N – The Witness

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8 years after the last single release “Tatischeff” on Innervisions, german-duo Âme remain at the forefront of electronic music and look to the future with their 100th catalogue number. For the title track ‘The Witness’, Âme teams up with Syrian-Armenian-American vocalist and composer KÁRYYN, who’s cryptic and stimulating lyricism has inspired the likes of Björk. She combines her musical production with a symbiotic spoken-word performance that marries with the hypnotic minimalism of Wiedemann and Beyer, transporting us to another dimension entirely. Experimenting with vocals and personalities, Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer of Âme explore a heavier sound with the new release. Despite their prominence within house music, IV100 noticeably combines the unique sounds of Wiedemann and Beyer’s solo performances (Live sets and DJ) with characteristics of techno, commenting that “this EP could be seen as the biggest common denominator”.

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