Manic Street Preachers – Roses in the Hospital (Impact Demo)

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“This album reminds me of the year before I went to University. I loved University. Reading Kafka and Orwell, even Lewis Carol. We also read Peter Singer, Nietzsche and studied the Nazis Nuremberg race laws and their idea of miscegenation. We studied ‘Just War Theory’, ‘argument and rhetoric’, ‘gender politics’, ‘The Communist manifesto and Marxist sociology’ and ‘Orality and literacy’. I wrote a paper on the rise of international corporate fascism and the death of socialism. I got an A for it and was invited to talk to my tutor and the head of my branch of Glasgow University about some of my ideas. I was young and on my nice brown leather jacket I was wearing a Soviet Communist party badge in my lapel. They both noticed it and said “you’re a good age to be a radical”. Thirty years have passed and I’m still that same radical. My politics can be described by the gentle naivety of Lennon’s “Imagine” and the Manics angry cynicism of “Motorcycle Emptiness”, which is about how we think we have it good because we have credit, purchase power in this wonderful world of commodity fetishism. I haven’t half warbled on. Love this demo.” – Jack Duncan.

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