Martin Newell – Goodbye Dreaming Fields + The Greatest Living Englishman (1993)

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Produced by XTC’s Andy Partridge (who also plays most of the drums), Martin Newell’s first solo album, The Greatest Living Englishman, was hailed by Rolling Stone magazine as a rock classic upon release. Originally released in 1993, it has all the hooks and melodies of Cleaners from Venus and Brotherhood of Lizards and then some. With Partridge’s immaculate production, it’s something rather more again. They don’t make albums like this anymore…

We’re ecstatic to bring this album back in print to celebrate it’s 25th Anniversary! This reissue includes a 10-page Booklet with Updated Liner Notes by Martin Newell and is restored to original Tracklist as envisioned by Martin Newell and Andy Partridge.


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