George Michael – Praying For Time (Unplugged)

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The first single from the second album, “Praying for Time”, written by George Michael, reached number one in the U.S. Billboard charts and the top ten in the UK in the summer of 1990. It remained in the Billboard Top 40 for ten weeks, and was the last number one solo single from Michael in the U.S. charts.

While George Michael refused to appear in videos to support the album, an experimental video clip directed by Michael Borofsky was released for “Praying for Time”, featuring only the lyrics of the song with a blue and black background that, at the end of the clip, reveals itself to be the image on the cover of the album. The completely un-George Michael style video quickly became a buzz clip on MTV, and stayed in rotation on most video networks for weeks. Similarly, the commercial single had no cover photo, only words.

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