The Little Ships – Shiver (2016)

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Cindy Teixeira writes:

Alone Together is persuasive. It invites the listener to slow dance, alone, with someone, or in that head space where one finds the perfect partner to hold and sway. This body of work from The Little Ships is capable of complete seduction in less than a full spin of the album. You will fall into it, breathing the barren landscape as it rolls past, surprising, impressing, and inviting you to strip and wait for the payoff.

Unless I already know the band, I purposely stay away from any research before my first listen. When I heard the vocals on the disc, I couldn’t be fooled. A familiar voice forced me to peek at the one-sheet, and I discovered it was Ty Willman. Rich, lovely and heartfelt, Ty’s storytelling is spot on.

Mastered by Floyd Reitsma, who worked with Willman and Regan Hägar on Fires’ recent release The Litho Roughs, the music demonstrates how clearly Reitsma understands the differences between the two bands and helped craft this haunting collection, which is so very different.

Alone Together is a weird, wonderful nine songs with Mike McNamara on piano, Kathy Moore on axe, Regan Hägar and McNamara on rhythm (the latter of whom is also on bass), and Willman. More familiar names that had a hand in making this are Happy Chichester and Stone Gossard.

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