Graham Nash – Encore (2016)

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Graham Nash’s forthcoming album, This Path Tonight, is his first collection of new songs since 2002’s Songs for Survivors. In that time, he’s entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of the Hollies, published his memoirs, launched two tours with CSNY and watched the group once again dissolve, and separated from his wife Susan after 38 years of marriage.

That last fact was weighing most heavily on Nash’s mind when he wrote the tunes for This Path Tonight, which hits stores on April 15th. “This Path Tonight is my emotional journey at this point in my life,” he says. “Many changes are happening and, as a musician, I’m trying to find the courage to face my future and grab a hold of it. … My producer Shane Fontayne and I wanted to make a funkier, more intimate feeling and started the album with the song ‘This Path Tonight.'”

The disc wraps up with “Encore,” which you can exclusively hear right here. “No matter how many songs I’ve written, no matter how many songs I’ve sung, there’s always room for just one more,” says Nash. “‘Encore’ is a perfect way for me to end this album. Enjoy.”

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