Atlanter – Jareeze / Light (2016)

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Atlanter_Jewels of Crime

First single from Atlanter’s upcoming album, Jewels of Crime. Released January 22, 2016.

Atlanter washed over Norway like a monster wave in 2013. Their debut album, Vidde, became a favourite among both record buyers and critics, with its beautiful and natural mix of African desert blues, American delta blues and German “motorik” from the 70s. “Vidde blues” was a new and self-made term at that time – a term that summed up the quartet’s wish of uniting music from several corners of the world in “norwegianized” and timeless attire. They fully succeeded. “Atlanter are a straightforward pleasure”, the NME wrote about their debut album. With a Norwegian «Grammy» nomination and several high positions in some critics’ summaries of the music year 2013, we’re allowed to have high expectations. The Atlanter wave is here again.

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