David Sylvian – Blue Of Noon (1987)

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Ryuichi Sakamoto: piano, synths
W. Braithwaite: double bass
Steve Jansen: drums
Produced by David Sylvian and Steve Nye.
Mixed by N. Walker.

Blue Of Noon is without doubt, one of the best Sylvian tracks ever! It is an outtake from the Brilliant Trees sessions.

David answered a question about Blue Of Noon in the davidsylvian.net exclusive interview QA02:

What did you made decide, not to include Blue Of Noon on the Camphor album? (question by Gerrit Hillebrand)

Blue of Noon was never a finished piece as far as I was concerned (it was originally a song in fact). I felt it needed work to help it stand on its own feet. However, budget constraints for ‘Camphor’ didn’t allow for too much recording work to be undertaken.

Publisher: Opium (Arts) Ltd.
Length: 5:39
Date: September 1, 1987
Copyright: Virgin Records Ltd.

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