Claptone ft. Peter, Bjorn and John – Puppet Theatre (2015)

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Berlin’s gold-masked crusader Claptone recently kicked-off a massive USA/EUR tour in support of his debut album Charmer, which is being released in just a few days time.

“The first music I ever bought was the “The Voice Of Frank Sinatra“ by the big man himself. I remember that it was a rainy day when I entered the record shop in 1948. The name of the city I forget, but I’ll never forget the musty smell of this hidden place. I wasn’t a big fan of Sinatra and to be honest I was not really sure what to expect. But as the medium “Vinyl“ was new I wanted to be part of this new cultural milestone coming from America and the experience changed my life.From this moment on I was able to listen to music at home every time I wanted to. Again and again I placed the needle on the record with care and listened to the sweet vocals of Mr Sinatra “I find you spinning round in my brain, like the bubbles in a glass of champagne“. The warm voice was embedded with the crackling noises of the vinyl record which sounded like wood in a fireplace or raindrops on a tin roof. This record was the beginning of a new age of music for me and it triggered my insane passion for vinyl records and I collect them still today. My stories and my friends for ever…”


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