Barbara Markay – Give Your Dick To Me (1980)

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“After I returned to New York City, I met my first meditation teacher in 1985 and it completely changed the personal and musical path I was on.” Barbara recorded her first album, CHANGE TO COME. The music was pop-oriented, but the lyrics, on songs such as “Woman of Light” and “Wake Up and Live,” were beginning to show the spiritual evolution she was going through. She also started listening to Ravi Shankar and gospel groups such as Reverend Milt Brunson and the Mississippi Mass Choir. In addition, Barbara worked as an assistant to Leon Pendarvis (a well-known arranger for acts such as Eric Clapton, Whitney Houston and George Duke) which included programming synthesizers and other studio work. Pendarvis wrote additional music at the beginning and end of the Michael Jackson video for “Bad,” produced by Quincy Jones and directed by Martin Scorcese, and Markay did synth programming on the project as well as on Carly Simon’s COMING AROUND AGAIN album. Markay moved to Los Angeles where she performed with Bruce Willis, singing backup with his blues group The Accelerators.

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