Cat Stevens – Longer Boats (1971)

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STAR: My favorite song on Tea For the Tillerman is Longer Boats. It’s a curious song. Would you explain what it means by, “Longer boats are coming to win us—hold on to the shore, or they’ll be taking the key from the door…?”

CAT: One thing, Americans try to make too much of my songs. They’re lust songs. I don’t know why I write them. But they try and find all kinds of hidden meanings in my songs. Longer Boats is actually about flying saucers. One night I was lying back in bed and I saw this flying saucer shoot across the sky and stop over me. And it sucked me up into it. When it put me down, I shot up in bed. I knew it wasn’t a dream, It didn’t feel like a dream, It was real, I know it was real. [Source]

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