Louis (Blues Boy) Jones – Rock & Roll Bells (1956)

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LOUIS “BLUES BOY” JONES – a native of Galveston, Texas was a remarkable and extremely talented musician from the early 1950’s and 1960’s.

Notable achievements of this singer, songwriter, pianist & drummer include becoming the lead singer of the Bobby Scott Orchestra, recording a song for a major motion picture, working with the late Ray Charles and traveling & performing with B.B. King.

Jones also sang backup with various blues & gospel acts on labels such as Peacock records, Sabra records (both in Houston, TX at the time) & Decca records in New York.

Movie work included the song, “The Birds Is Coming” for the Alfred Hitchcock thriller, “The Birds” from 1963.

5 Replies to “Louis (Blues Boy) Jones – Rock & Roll Bells (1956)”

  1. Ronnie Rocket, my friend. I thank you for caring and supporting my father, the legendary Louis Blues Boy Jones! This has been an amazing journey for all of us traveling down memory lane of a blues legend’s life from Galveston Texas. In October 2007, after discovering information about him over the Internet. I had a vision and I believed that one day, I was going to write a book about my Dad’s life and hope someone will make a movie. March 13, 2015, The Re-Introduction of a Blues Legend was released. Sill dreaming BIG about a movie or documentary on Blues Boy Jones!. Thanking all of his wonderful supporters around the globe!

  2. Thank you sir for caring! Ronnie tomorrow (Tuesday 6/27/2017) will mark 33 years since my father left us. The magnitude and impact how LOUIS BLUES BOY JONES’ music still effects people is mind blogging to me. I’m super excited. RIP Daddy while your music is still rockin’ the world!. I love and miss you so much. Happy 86th birthday! Gone never forgotten. I thank each supporter for all you do concerning Jones’ music and legacy! Much love and respect to everyone. His oldest daughter LaVern Jones Lemons.

  3. I never thought that a lil shy country girl would years later carry the torch and be sharing the history about her late father’s life with the world! Sometimes God gives us special gifts and assignments. My dad, Louis Blues Jones’ gifts was being an entertainer, vocalist and instrumentalist. I sing a little but, I love to write and be an encourager.
    Please help me keep the celebration going through the weekend. Let’s all be safe and while at home listen to some LOUIS BLUES BOY JONES music on YOUTUBE.
    On FACEBOOK: Please log into INTELLECTUAL BEATS.COM with Shayla K and enjoy the interview about the importance of sharing your family’s history. I talk about my father’s legacy being rediscovered 23 years later.
    I advice people to get your story out there. Staying hopeful for a musical or play about my Dad’s music. Also, I plan to one day own the rights to his music. Truly I’m grateful for this journey. God bless and with kindness, I do thank you all for your support year after year💙.
    I received messages with love and appreciation from people around the globe and even some radio stations sent messages about airing Jones’ music!
    Don’t forget to order a copy of my books on Amazon.com

  4. Oh! My goodness. God allowed me to write a story then turn book about my late father, Louis Blues Boy Jones. My Dad was a blues singer in the early 1950’s & 1960’s. He was from Galveston Texas. Today this incredible lady named Shayla K organized an interview about my story on this amazing website called INTELLECTUAL BEATS. Log onto the article; enjoy reading, please share and leave a comment. Music plays a big part in life and your family’s history is very important. Be safe out there everyone. Love & blessings—LaVern.

    Shayla Kuykendall is with LaVern Jones Lemons.
    April 27 at 1:27 PM

    LaVern Jones Lemons is on a mission to bring awareness to her father’s legacy and music. Her latest book, Unknown for Six Decades: The Rediscovery of Louis “Blues Boy” Jones, gives us a window into her father’s life and walks us through the process she went through to have a day set aside to celebrate his contributions to blues music.
    Click the link to learn more about her story!
    We interviewed LaVern Lemons, the oldest daughter of the late blues singer, Louis “Blues Boy” Jones, to learn about his legacy and music, and to talk about why she wrote her latest book…


    Meet the Author who is Helping the World Rediscover her Father’s Legacy
    We interviewed LaVern Lemons, the oldest daughter of the late blues singer, Louis “Blues Boy” Jones, to learn about his legacy and music, and to talk about why she wrote her latest book…
    We interviewed LaVern Lemons, the oldest daughter

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