Drew Lustman – Angel Flesh (2015)

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When discussing Drew Lustman’s forthcoming album The Crystal Cowboy it’s difficult to work out whether you’re speaking to a musician or an artist in the more traditional sense. The New York based producer, better known by his former moniker FaltyDL, is as abstract, conceptual and expressive as any designer or painter – a symptom of the all encompassing passion he has for music and the fact that some of his closest friends in the Big Apple are sculptors. He’s previously released album trailers via PornHub, included self-authored poems in his albums and was once commissioned to design an ambient soundscape for director Terrance Malick. Since releasing his Into The Wild on Ninja Tune in the summer of 2014 he’s now dropped the alias and allowed himself the freedom to pursue a more experimental production style crafting the kind of tracks that he would ‘DJ or play to friends’. Debuting ‘Angel Flesh’ exclusively on Wonderland, they took caught up with the man himself to talk about writer’s block, skipping school to smoke weed and a voice memo of his grandmother cursing him for 2 minutes straight.

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