This Heat – The Fall of Saigon (1978)

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We ate Soda, the embassy cat,
Poor Soda’s coda, no more da Capo
She’s decapitated
Running ’round the room,
half-baked, the other part is bacon,
and still sizzling in the frying pan,

We ate the TV,
We ate the armchair,
We ate the telephone,
We ate the cellophane,
My God how we got so far, only to reach so low…
The Russians saved the janitor…

Soda was a little tough to eat,
No wonder she was hard meat
Out on the roof with the feline goose…
But Soda had a heart of gold,
The ambassador`s wife had the liver,
“Please deliver us from evil” she cried,
“I know all about cats and their heavy vibes…”
She was very hip, ambassador’s wife…

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