Muddy Waters – Mannish Boy (1968)

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Muddy Waters recorded After the Rain the following year, incorporating elements of the sound of Electric Mud. According to Cosey, “I’ll never forget, as soon as I walked into the studio for the follow-up and Muddy saw me, he threw his arms around me, said ‘Hey, how you doing, boy, play some of that stuff you played on that last album.'”[10] Following strong criticism of the album, Muddy Waters claimed that he disliked the album and its sound, and that he did not consider the album to be blues. He stated, “Every time I go into Chess, [they] put some un-blues players with me […] If you change my sound, then you gonna change the whole man.” In the biography The Mojo Man, Muddy Waters stated “That Electric Mud record was dogshit. But when it came out, it started selling like wild, but then they started sending them back. They said, ‘This can’t be Muddy Waters with all this shit going on, all this wha-wha and fuzztone.'”

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