The John Scott Orchestra feat. Tommy Reilly – Midnight Cowboy (1969)

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John Barry is one of the few British composers to have established a high profile status as a film composer in Hollywood. There is a funny story about his harmonica theme for the Jon Voight/Dustin Hoffman 1969 film “Midnight Cowboy”. One day Tommy Reilly had a call from Polydor Hamburg. They played him a record of a new film score and asked him if he could play the harmonica exactly the same as the uncredited player on the American record. The first take was perfect. The producer said: “You are a genius”, and Tommy started to laugh. The producer said: “What are you laughing for?” and Tommy admitted: “That”s me playing on the original record”! In fact Tommy Reilly was touring Australia when John Barry recorded the actual music for the film, so Toots Thielemans did the sound-track, and Tommy did the LP of the the original “motion picture score”. His single, made in Hamburg, climbed the charts in many countries, and this is the vintage arrangement used on that particular single. [Source]

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