Algiers – But She Was Not Flying (2015)

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Algiers fuses the rapturous call and response of millenarian gospel, the bellowing urgency of 60s protest soul and the unhinged ferocity of no wave into a visceral music. With an aesthetic informed by sonic revolutionaries from Nina Simone to Suicide, The Minutemen to PJ Harvey, these three émigrés of the American Deep South conjure dead sounds to life in frightening new directions.

“It’s dark stuff, but good grief they’ve got soul” – Marc Burrows, The Guardian

Algiers’ self-titled debut album is coming later in 2015 from Matador.

But She Was Not Flying

I’m going home to see the king
He’s gonna take my pain away
I’m gonna see my friends again
If only I can make it in

But there’s a lizard with a human face
He says he’s standing for democracy
And every wealthy man has earned his place
As did the undeserving in their poverty
He told my brother that he wasn’t a man
He broke my sister down again and again
His fathers stole and wrote the laws of the land
And now he flips the coin of power with all of his friends
Deciding who is fit to go out and die
And who is black enough to be left behind
And who will model their exceptional lie
And just how many they can murder at the border line

I knew a women with a scale in her hand
They bound and gagged her with the laws of the land
She couldn’t tell what she was measuring
So they tilt the scale to meet their own personal ends
Saying “I’ll shoot your son if he’s out of line”
“I’ll rape your daughters underground where I hide”
“And I can murder anytime that I like”
“cause I’m protected at my left and my right”
“I got a side that says I’m only a man”
“Another side that puts the gun in my hand”
“I’ll trade your product of environment”
“For any alibi for consequence”

[Dedicated to Mogens Toudahl]

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