Charles Hayward – Postcode Scam (2014)

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Released December 8, 2014.

Dan Bridgewood-Hill – Violin
Neil Francis – Electronic Drum
Chris Haslam – Bass Guitar, Guitar
Michael Holland – Granular Sampler
Aliyah Hussain – Graphic Sonics, Cover Art
Kelly Jayne Jones – Flute
Alex Macarte – Guitar, Bombo Drum
Chris Manis – Bata Drums
Jack McCarthy – Bata Drums
David Mclean – Alto Sax
John Powell – Jones – Graphic Sonics, Cover Art
Marlene Ribeiro – Keyboards, Bass Guitar
Paddy Shine – Keyboards, Bombo Drum, Ring modulated Hang
Jefferson Temple – Guitar
Chris Weaver – Soprano, Congas, Bata drum
Dan Weaver – Guitar, Bass guitar, Spannerphone
Sam Weaver – Analogue modular synth, Feedback tape delay
Louise Woodcock – Vocal

And Charles Hayward – Drums, Vocal, Melodica, Keyboard

Featuring in the choir: Charles Hayward, Emma Thompson, Sam Weaver, Dan Weaver, Marlene Ribeiro, Verity Gardner, Paddy Shine, Bill Campbell, Maurice Carlin, Jefferson Temple, Chris Haslam, Lee Nutter, Jamie Robinson, Alex Macarte, Amy Horgan, Dan Bridgewood – Hill, MIchael Holland.


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