John Grant – GMF (2013)

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Certainly, it’s to his credit that, when I tell him it’s a rare day when I don’t listen to his most recent album, Pale Green Ghosts, several times over, and that I spent much of the summer driving around France with the windows down singing: “I am the greatest motherfucker that you’re ever going to meet” at passing cows in honour of his exquisitely self-deprecating single “GMF”, he doesn’t mumble his apologies and do a runner. But here’s the thing about Grant: he finds admiration, whether from fans of his music or from friends and partners, genuinely shocking. A lifetime spent grappling with trauma, from the ferocious homophobia he endured through his early years in Colorado, and the alcoholism and drug addiction that beset his twenties and early thirties, to his HIV diagnosis in 2011, means that his default setting is deep self-loathing. [Source]


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