The Pop Group – She Is Beyond Good And Evil (Original Unreleased Version Produced by Andy MacKay of Roxy Music) (2014)

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The Pop Group

Bristol has always been a harbour town, with the area resounding to remarkably diverse and cosmopolitan influences. In the mid 70s, the area boasted crews of young kids who dressed up in flamboyant clothes, danced to jazz funk and attended local blues parties thrown by the Afro-Caribbean community. Eager for the next fix, when punk came along they simply hopped on board – keeping their own distinctive and deeply local flavour, of course. This is, in essence, the scene from which sprang The Pop Group. A legendary punk-funk collective, the band fused left wing politics with Captain Beefheart, punk riffs with a rhythm section who could move between Gil Scott-Heron and Augustus Pablo. [Source]

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