Arcade Fire – You Already Know (2014)


All summer long, Arcade Fire have been surprising fans with unexpected cover songs while on tour. On Thursday, the band threw another curveball by quietly dropping a new music video for the Reflektor cut “You Already Know.” Directed and filmed by frontman Win Butler, the video finds Arcade Fire jamming out the track in a seaside suite as the camera travels around the room to give each band member the spotlight. Whenever Butler’s verses kick in – using some clever DIY CGI – singing portraits replace the vocalist. Butler himself doesn’t appear until the video’s final, fourth wall-shattering moments when Régine Chassagne brings a mirror to the forefront to reveal that Win was behind the camera the whole time (although seeing Butler’s accidental reflections earlier in the clip semi-spoils the surprise). The unexpected “You Already Know” is Arcade Fire’s fourth music video off their LP Reflektor following the title track, “Afterlife,” and “We Exist.” [Source]


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