Roxy Music – More Than This (1982)

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“More Than This” is a 1982 single by British art rock band Roxy Music. It was released as the first single from their album Avalon; the album is the last studio album since the second demise of Roxy Music in 1983. The song peaked at #6 in the UK. Although it only charted at #102 in the United States, it remains one of their best known singles there. American alternative rock band 10,000 Maniacs released a successful cover in 1997, a single that hit #25 and outperformed Roxy Music’s lone U.S. Top 40 single “Love Is the Drug” (#30, 1976). It is unusual for a pop song in that Bryan Ferry’s lead vocals end at 2:45 minutes, leaving the last 1:45 minutes as a synthesizer-driven instrumental. It has since become regarded as a classic Roxy Music song. Written by Bryan Ferry, the lead singer has stated in interviews that he began writing the songs for Avalon while on the western coast of Ireland, which he believes contributed to the dark melancholy of the album. The lyrics describe a passive protagonist, to whom things happen, instead of actively participating in the world; it’s as if he feels he must live with the fate which the gods have dealt him.

[Dedicated to Kim Flyvbjerg who lost his record collection in a flooding in Copenhagen]


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