Ace Frehley – The Joker (2014)

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Here is the exclusive premiere of the new single from Kiss legend Ace Frehley‘s terrific upcoming album ‘Space Invader.’ From Hello’s ‘New York Groove’ to the Rolling Stones‘ ’2000 Man’ and ELO‘s ‘Do Ya,’ Frehley has delivered unique takes on well-chosen cover songs throughout his career. He earns high marks once again here, offering a new perspective on one of classic rock’s most enduring tracks. ‘Space Invader,’ the first album from the newly inducted member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame since 2009′s critically acclaimed ‘Anomaly,’ will hit stores on Aug. 19 via eOne Music. The album includes the first single ‘Gimme A Feelin’‘ and future Frehley classics such as ‘Inside the Vortex’ and ‘Past the Milky Way.’ [Source]

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