Zymotics ‎– (Eddie’s) Random Bombing (1999)

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Zymotics recorded the single at the same place as the Bousou Nezumi single, Live House Huck Finn in Nagoya’s Imaiki. It was recorded by Koyama, who was working at Huck Finn at the time. The recording and mixing followed the band’s whims. They tried things like placing the guitar amp in the restroom. Nobody remembers what records they were influenced by.

The single was recorded in January 1998 and finally released in 1999. Its three songs, “(Eddie’s) Random Bombing,” “I’m A Plastic,” and “Break the Radio,” show a departure from Bousou Nezumi’s garage style and a move straight into a more 70s punk sound. With its jerky sound, Toru’s fed-up spit-out vocals, and Aki’s cacophonic high-pitched backing vocals, it was clear that more than just the name ad changed. It was a sound that made you take notice, but Toru says he doesn’t much care for it now.

“I don’t feel great about it. It was like we were pressed for time and just, fuck it, it’s done. It was rushed. Plus, it took a long time to finish the jacket, so it was about a year before it came out.” Toru may not have cared for it, but this single deepened the connection between this obscure Nagoya band and the growing Chloroform scene and it would lead to bigger and better things. [Source]




[via Masao Nakagami]


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