Alexander Tucker – The Black Bear (2003/2014)

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Trill Jockey is digging back to the bygone era of CD-R releases for this year’s Record Store Day by pressing Alexander Tucker’s out-of-print debut to vinyl. Alexander Tucker was transitioning out of his 90s lifestyle of fronting hardcore and post-rock hardcore bands like Suction and Unhome by the turn of the millenium. The Kent, UK-based musician was venturing into quieter terrain, recording acoustic tracks in a flat that utilized guitar, mandolin, experimental electronics, and field recordings, some of which naturally entered his sessions due to his flat being directly above a tube station. By 2003, he’d amassed a self-titled debut of which he’d only printed 50 copies, one of which was given to Tom Greenwood of Jackie-O Motherfucker. Greenwood released the first official Tucker solo on his U-Sound Archives label, later it would be Greenwood and members of Bardo Pond who would put Tucker’s name in the ear of ATP Records who released his next three albums. [Source]

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