This Heat – A New Kind of Water (1981)

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This Heat were under no illusions as to what would happen if we ever stopped talking. “At that time it seemed like it was a fait accompli that there was going to be a Third World War,” Charles Hayward told Simon Reynolds oin 2001. Sickened and angry with the idiocy of governing men, they used their prog-honed skill for expressionist nuance to paint this lunatic system of miscommunication in crystal technicolor. What we get is a blaring farce where reason and intellect are lost in translation over a “festering tongue” (‘A New Kind Of Water’). In order to deliver a record as terrifying as Deceit they embraced their worst nightmare, meditated on it. As a consequence, Deceit courses with sour fear. “We had a firm belief that we were going to die and the record was made on those terms,” Hayward stated. [Source]


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