My Sad Captains – Goodbye (2014)

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“In a way, the album is about saying goodbye,” explains lead vocalist Ed Wallis, “making a resolution to keep on believing in ourselves, as people and a band, and being comfortable in our ability to stand our ground on stage with who we are, and not trying to figure out some quick schemes towards brief rewards.” This sense of ease with their sound is reflected in the elegant drift of new single, Goodbye, which features touches of both 80s indie and the sun-kissed feel of 60s MOR. The video meanwhile – premiered here – showcases the bands inability to clean someone’s office, with the four of them running riot with a spray can and some vintage Hoovers. Mind you, the office’s owner, whose eeriness smacks of something from Twin Peaks, doesn’t seem to mind as he dances his way through the song’s lovely instrumental coda. [Source]


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