Kele Okereke – Heartbreaker (2013)

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Lead singer of award-winning band Bloc Party and DJ/Producer Kele Okereke has announced a new EP of original productions on Crosstown Rebels in November. Out on vinyl on the 25th November and available on Beatport on the 9th December, the new ‘Heartbreaker EP’ from Kele Okereke features four tracks which display his love for underground electronic dance music. The first track from the EP, eponymous ‘Heartbreaker’ shows Kele’s UK Garage influences, and features vocals from Bobbie Gordon. ‘God Has A Way’ features old school house chord stabs, more uplifting guest vocals and a driving rhythm, whereas ‘Get Up’ provides a sparser, deeper atmosphere and is the only track to feature Kele himself on vocals. The EP also features a remix of lead single ‘Heartbreaker’ by much respected Berlin based techno artist, Recondite. Kele Okereke’s first two solo EPs, under the artist name ‘Kele’, pushed the envelope of his electronic production standards. ‘Heartbreaker’ continues to further the dance-floor trajectory introduced on aforementioned ‘The Boxer’ and ‘The Hunter’ EP’s. From Bloc Party’s Platinum-selling debut album to Okereke’s guest vocals for artists like The Chemical Brothers, dance music has always been the underlying influence for Kele: “I’ve always loved the inclusive and spiritual nature of house music, so the opportunity to make music for the most iconic and influential house music label in the UK is a dream come true for me.” Having spent ten years making records in studios working with some of the greatest producers in the world, Kele now feels he knows how to make music that he wants to hear. Founded in 2003 by legendary producer and DJ, Damian Lazarus, Crosstown Rebels is the UK’s leader in underground, cutting edge dance music and has become home to some of the best techno, electro and house artists of today.


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