Memory Tapes – Green Window (2013)

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I imagine New Jersey’s Dayve Hawk sits in his bedroom studio thinking about his creations often. Dayve Hawk, better known as Memory Tapes is a electronic producer. Chillwave sounds might be the best way to describe his sound because it falls in the middle ground between so many different genres. His newest creation is this track “Green Window”. Memory Tapes has only uploaded six tracks to his SoundCloud and it’s not often that the young artist posts to his social media, so we could be seeing the beginning stages of a new album or EP in the making. ”Green Window” might not be everyone’s cup of tea during the first two minutes. It’s a bit discombobulated, uncoordinated and dissonant sounding. Though it sounds a bit off, this is on purpose because the latter half of the track sounds that much better. Spacious vibes and ambient sounds fill the track, distant vocals echo in the background while plucking strings create a beautiful melody. [Source]


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