Emmanuel Jal – Cush (2013)

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The Kingdom of Kush or Cush was formed around 10,000 years ago and was one of the earliest and most powerful ancient African Kingdoms. Cush contributed to establishing a different type of civilization throughout the Nile Basin, all the way to China, India, Persia and Syria and at one point was home to more pyramids than Egypt.

The kingdom was centred on the confluences of the White Nile, Blue Nile and River Atbara in today’s Republic of the Sudan. Some records in ancient Greek and Greco-Roman also referred to Cush as part of Nubia and Ethiopia, which basically means land South of Egypt.

Cush is described in the Bible (Isaiah 18) as land divided by rivers; inhabited by tall, brave, smooth skinned people with strange speech who were feared far and wide. According to the Bible, inhabitants of that land would suffer a lot and at the end would rise from their sufferings and give thanks to God.


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