Earth, Wind & Fire – Love Is Law (2013)

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Earth, Wind & Fire have been making classic music for more than 40 years, and their run continues with a new album they’ll debut next month.

‘Now, Then & Forever,’ a 10-track release, will arrive Sept. 10 via Sony Legacy Recordings. The effort, which is the first LP for the group in eight years, features ‘Love Is Law’ — a track that’s buoyed by the group’s signature groove. has an exclusive premiere of the song.

“In love we live and love you breath / If love you give then love receive / And love’s amazing when it’s love you find / It moves you inside,” they sing.

“The ‘Now, Then & Forever’ album is really about the legacy of Earth, Wind & Fire,” said co-founder Philip Bailey. “The spirit of the band has always been about uplifting the consciousness of humanity. There’s a hope that this Earth, Wind & Fire music will go on forever.”

“The album gave us the opportunity to tie everything together musically and culturally,” EWF’s other co-founder Verdine White continue. “Without the support of the fans around the world, the Earth, Wind & Fire journey would not have been possible. We dedicate this album, Now, Then & Forever, to all the fans.” [Source]


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