Brian Eno – Going Unconscious (2005)

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Another Day on Earth is an album by Brian Eno, released in 2005 on Hannibal Records. This is the first Eno album to chiefly contain vocals in more than two decades. Speaking of the album, Eno said, “The first one I’ve done like that for a very long time…25 years or so”. In addition, he explained his current thoughts on lyrics in music; “Song-writing is now actually the most difficult challenge in music,” he confessed. Eno recorded and mixed most of the album on a Mac, using Logic, over a period of four years. He also engineered it himself, “because otherwise I would have had to spend six years in a commercial studio and pay staff, and that would have become too expensive”. On “Going Unconscious” he went back to using Koan generative music software for the textural background.


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