The Independents – Leaving Me (1973)

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This song reached #1 on the r&b charts in ’73. Super writing duo Chuck Jackson & Marvin Yancy form the group along with Helen Curry, Eric Thomas and Maurice Jackson. Other songs: “Just As Long As You Need Me”, “Baby I’ve Been Missing You,” “It’s All Over,” “The First Time We Met,” and “Arise and Shine (Let’s Get It On).” Their LP, The First Time We Met, was a hit in early 1973.


[via Cecil Etienne]

2 Replies to “The Independents – Leaving Me (1973)”

  1. My Uncle Eddie Suiter was at one time Manager of the Independents. I remember them coming and stopping at our house several times in the 70’s and one time babysitted us while my mother and Uncle Eddie went to buy Kentucky Fried Chicken for Dinner. My mother is Eddie Suiter sister and we lived in Pittsburg, Pa

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