Boards Of Canada – Cold Earth (2013)

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Unofficial video for Boards of Canada’s song Cold Earth taken from Tomorrow’s Harvest. Love you, Earth. “Cold Earth” could be a reference to a book of the same name by Sarah Moss. In the book, a group of archaeologists visit a medieval dig site in Greenland. They become isolated as a plague pandemic sweeps across the planet, and communication with the outside world breaks down. There seems to be a brief phrase in vocoded speach saying “You’re too old”. Sandison: “We’re definitely vintage hardware freaks. We’ve always used older gear. Everything we use is decrepit. Our studio is full of wooden things covered with red LEDs. We’ll go to great lengths to get hold of a specific instrument just to get a particular sound. For example, there’s a sound in Cold Earth that is something like only one second of audio. It comes from an obscure old effect unit that cost us a lot of time and road miles to source, and it ended up being one second of audio on the record. “Cold Earth” was first aired at the Movements festival in Detroit. It was part of the viral marketing campaign in anticipation of the release of Tomorrow’s Harvest. [Source]


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