Mount Kimbie – You Took Your Time (2013)

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Mount Kimbie’s second album finds the south London post-dubstep duo signed to Warp, the ancestral home of digital beats that wrong-foot the dancer. Lead track Made to Stray sounds suitably on point, expertly marrying digital precision with wooze. Somewhat ironically, though, this follow-up to Crooks & Lovers, their much-lauded 2010 debut, features songs with vocals , even more organic sounds, and a palpable push towards centre ground. King Krule – a low-lying “one to watch” from 2012 – crops up twice, his sullen lyric enlivening You Took Your Time. Break Well, meanwhile, turns into an actual pop song near the end. But Kimbie’s levels of invention are such that this album still feels tricksy and cutting-edge. [Source]


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