Dwight Twilley – Alone In My Room (1979)

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Twilley’s first two albums were fascinating because of how obsessively he synthesized the Southern and British pop-rock traditions–like a cool Alex Chilton, or (only we didn’t know this yet) a Nick Lowe who worked too hard–and because so few bands were bothering with the kind of catchy ’60s-AM songs that Twilley turned out by the half dozen. Well, scratch the catchy part–both the Records and the Knack, to stick to the lightweights, have songs on the radio that cut anything on Sincerely, which is a lot catchier than this. And while you’re at it, scratch Phil Seymour, Twilley’s former rhythm section and harmony group. And add Jimmy Haskell doing Paul Buckmaster imitations. And think dark thoughts about the Raspberries and Eric Carmen. [Source]


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