Margo Guryan – It’s Alright Now (1968)

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Margo Guryan is an American songwriter, singer, musician and lyricist. As a songwriter, her work was first recorded in 1958, although it was for her 1960s song "Sunday Mornin'", a hit for both Spanky and Our Gang and Oliver, that she is perhaps best known. Her songs have also been recorded by Cass Elliot, Glen Campbell and Astrud Gilberto, among others.


Words and Music by Margo Guryan

It’s alright now
We talked the whole thing over
We understand each other
And we won’t be seen together anymore

It’s alright now
Be careful not to touch me
Don’t tell me what you’re thinkin’
And don’t ask me what I feel

Ev’rything will be okay tomorrow
When love is gone
No one seems to love forever
Why should ours go on
And on
And on

It’s alright now
It’s time that we were leaving
I’ve other things to think of
And you shouldn’t see me cryin’ anyhow
And anyhow it’s alright now

© 1971 (renewed) Dartmoor Music
Used by permision. All rights reserved.

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