Deco Child – Skinless Pt. 1 (2013)

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Having tinkered quite brutally with These New Puritans’ Attack Music, and produced some truly beautiful, electronically affected euphoria in 2012’s Pray and S&G, Deco Child (aka south Londoner Alex Lloyd) is back. He’s spent his time since his last EPs developing a new, intimate feel to his music. It’s a startling turn, one which initially stupefies – as all positively charged, emotive music should – though once the astonishment is allowed to settle, what we’re left with is Lloyd’s most accomplished collection to date. It’s a brand new take on electronic music, embodied into a record that’s equal parts grace and guile. Opener “Skinless Pt 1” plays off the subtle compositional simplicity of Nils Frahm’s Screws and the gentle dexterity of Sigur Rós, and the result is as plainly cinematic and softly orchestral as the haunting minimalism of Ninja Tune label mate Jason Swinscoe. A ghostly, piano-lead intro gives way to a thudding, minimal beat and plunging bass, before bowing to a sun-flecked crescendo and a trademark, heart-pumping blow-out of euphoric strings, electronics and vocals. [Source]


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