Beady Eye – Second Bite of the Apple (2013)

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In working with Dave Sitek on Beady Eye’s sophomore album BE, Liam Gallagher said he was the “best producer I’ve ever worked with, a real outlaw – he doesn’t give a fuck, no rules.” Sitek also freed the band off all “that crap from the ’90s. We really got our heads down and got our shit together.” Somebody give Sitek a Medal of Valor for that Herculean feat. That bare-boned, back-to-basics approach is definitely present in the druggy comeback single “Flick Of The Finger”, and it’s just as tangible in the follow-up single, “Second Bite of the Apple”. Here, Gallagher and company let their T. Rex flag fly high, crafting a big drunken sing-along powered by scant guitars and concussive horns, mixing equal parts of Britpop wit and abandon and some glam-rock undertones. It’s the perfect song to mumble when you’re stumbling home with your best mate. [Source]


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