Killing Joke – Timewave (2013)

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Just like many of the great bands of our time, Killing Joke remains unique and generally unclassifiable. Starting as a punk band, the UK legends dabbled in elements of funk, industrial and metal across their storied close-to-35-year career, carving out their own niche and more importantly their own sound. In lieu of a greatest hits compilation, Killing Joke have compiled the new double-disc The Singles Collection 1979 – 2012, a collection of tracks due on May 14th via Spinefarm. The two-disc set will come with a third for a limited time, with that additional disc compiling rarites and more unreleased studio tracks including “Four Stations Of The Sun”, a remix of which appeared on the 1998 LP Wardance – The Remixes. The original makes its debut here, stream that and the outtake “Timewave”. [Source]


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